Every child should have the joy of discovering learning through the magic of reading and film


The Fabulous Fantasy Company is a niche organisation, which specialises in bringing exciting new stories to the world of children and their families.


Our ethos is to inspire children through multi-media platforms including books, television, film, live performance and interactive communications.


We offer a philosophy of encouraging reading and visual stimulation, to enrich the lives of all children. The enchanting tales will whisk you away on a journey of discovery, whether on the wings of snowbirds or through the eyes of Grandma and the Jolly children as they confront the horrid Foulies.


The Fabulous Fantasy Company will bring magic into the lives of everyone whether young or old. It is jointly owned by Jim Fitzsimmons who writes our captivating stories and Harriette Goldsmith who oversees our commercial interests.


Our aim is to enable children to develop their ability to view life’s challenges, so that if they cannot avoid them, they have the ability to deal with them, using laughter and pathos.


We will produce our Intellectual Property together with our partners, to bring superior quality programmes, which have wide appeal across various media.  More books will be published later this year and these together with all future projects are the raison d’etre for our Company.






Jim has been an educator for most of career, first as a teacher then as headmaster. He has written over 160 Educational Books which have been published internationally. He has worked for an International Charity in London and then for a City Livery Company. On leaving he was honoured by becoming a Freeman of the City. He moved to Scotland where he continued to work and write. James has been an educational adviser for Channel 4 Series Magazine, and also for animated series ‘Percy the Park Keeper’ and ‘Brambly Hedge’ (HIT Entertainment). He started writing children’s fantasy fiction three years ago. His first two fantasy novels are already published, with a third, set for publication later this year.

Harriette worked as a recruitment specialist before setting up her own business H G Events.  The company has consulted with many leading charities both national and international and she has organised many major fundraising projects.  More recently she was Executive Director of a UK medical charity.  She has worked closely within the entertainment industry over the last 20 years and produced major fundraising projects for Nordoff Robbins the UK’s leading music industry charity, The Royal Albert Hall Trust, Serious Music Producers and was part of the team for the London Cultural Olympiad. She has also been involved in music projects for TV.





Lindsay is a Canadian born animation producer based in London. She works on children’s TV, film and multi-platform projects. She obtained her MA from Bournemouth University. She founded Animated Women UK and is its present Chair. She launched CANUK Productions in 2013 with the goal of producing Canadian/UK co-productions and has since moved on to work on projects internationally.

Guy’s life is music. In the sixties he met long-term lyricist partner Doug Flett with their partnership continuing to this day. They’ve written hit songs for Elvis Presley, Frankie Valli, Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, Helen Reddy and Sir Cliff Richard. They have a song included in the Broadway and London smash hit musical ‘The Jersey Boys’. Guy became Chairman of The British Academy of Songwriters and Composers and Authors.  Later he joined the Board of Performing Rights Society, where he was Chairman until recently and remains a Director.

creative PARTNERS





One of the UK’s most successful composers, Debbie is also a conductor and presenter.  The Oscar nominated, Grammy and Ivor Novello winning composer of many major film and TV successes, is composing the music for the ‘Fouly’ project. This includes a Christmas Special and ballet of ‘The Prince The Fairy & The Fouly’, and ‘Fiendish Fouly Tales’ its companion television series.

Composer and Songwriter Andy Neve is composing the poignant music for 'The Snowbirds' our Japanese based story.  His lightness of touch brings together all aspects of our story, giving us music that will long be remembered and loved.




('Fiendish Fouly Tales')

Writer / Pirate Size Productions

('Fiendish Fouly Tales')

Illustrator and animator Simon has a fondness for quaint and fanciful characters, which he develops for film and television. He is also a book illustrator, web animator, and produces commercials and music videos.  Currently his interest is in animation of short-form content.  He works closely with Dan Nixon and Pirate Size Productions.

Dan is a writer and content creator based in Australia.  He develops screenplays, plays and pop songs for children’s television internationally.  He co-owns ‘Creative Write-It’ and ‘Pirate Size Productions’.  He’s worked with The Australian Children’s Television Foundation and is working with a variety of large studios and production companies.

Marie Beardmore


Writer / Author

('The Snowbirds')

animation studio

('The Snowbirds')

British born Marie moved to Paris some years ago to pursue her love of writing cartoons.  Script credits include ‘Zou’, ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’, ‘Sonic Boom’ and ‘Angry Birds’.  She has created ‘Mervyn’ which is currently in development and is co-creator of ‘Cloud Club’. She has written John Coates’ biography ‘The Man Who Built the Snowman’.

The team has been together for over 25 years. They produce amazing 2D and 3D content, for a range of clients from advertisers to major film studios.  They bring creativity and skill to all everything their artists and animators produce.


Our unique projects don’t stop at film and television.  We will bring a new classic to the world of ballet, the enchanting Christmas tale of ‘The Prince The Fairy & The Fouly’.  A dance spectacular to rival 'The Nutcracker', bringing together the elements of classical and modern dance, which will delight and captivate all who are young at heart.


Inspirational writer Jim Fitzsimmons decided to use his educational skills to focus his writing in a new direction.  And so the world of children’s fantasy fiction gained an exciting new author.

The Prince, The Fairy & The Fouly

Do you sometimes feel that there’s something conspiring against you? If you do then maybe it’s the ‘Foulies’ who always cause mischief and mayhem!  In the first of his books ‘The Prince The Fairy & The Fouly’ we meet the toys who live in the Jolly household on the night before Christmas.  When a ‘Fouly’ kidnaps Santa Clause the toys embark on an epic struggle with Malicia the Fouly Queen.  They must battle to save Christmas for children throughout the world.   This wonderful story will be brought to a life as a Christmas Special for television.

Fiendish Fouly Tales

Set in a village in England we continue our journey with the ‘Foulies’.  Grandma Jolly introduces her three grandchildren to her world of battling the mischievous critters.  She gives them all special gifts to help them, as they invite us to enjoy their animated adventures in 52 episodes, which showcase their lives.  We get to meet Kevin the only good ‘Fouly’ as he makes friends and helps the children, often with hilarious results.

The Snowbirds

‘The Snowbirds’ tells the story of the life of a young boy living in a small village on a Japanese island where in winter the snow falls deeply and cuts them off from the rest of the world. He enters an ice carving competition where he designs and makes a regal snowbird but has his idea stolen by a bullying rival. So begins a tale of good and evil, friendship and courage. The birds come to life with the aid of Jack Frost, who’s looking for a companion for his Grandfather.  A stunning animated holiday special made especially for television.


New books and films to look out for...

The Chime Child

'The Chime Child' is the story of a young girl who is orphaned. She meets a mysterious creature with whom she embarks on a journey that enables her to overcome her loss. This beautiful tale chronicles her adventures whilst transporting us into her magical new world.  The book will be published in 2017.

The Snowbirds (Book 2)

'The Snowbirds (Book 2)' features some of the characters from 'The Snowbirds' and will be published very soon.  It will continue the legend of Shoji, his mystical ice-bird and Grandfather Frost as they confront evil forces fixed on destroying Mother Nature.  This magical yarn will become the second animated Christmas special for television in this series.



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